ATcllor is a company specialized in manufacturing of sanitizing products for cleaning and water treatment. The organization has a complete portfolio of products for testing, balancing and water treatment so that your leisure, sport or relaxing time is quiet and free from contamination risks. Built on a strong sense of responsibility, ATcllor meets the requirements of Good Sanitizing Product Manufacturing Practice, which ensures the quality and safety of users when using its products, as determination by regulators organizations. In addition, the company is committed to continually improving its processes by systematically investing in training and latest management practices.

Quality policy

Provide quality products for pool water treatment, seeking to meet applicable requirements and stakeholders through continuous improvement of QMS

Provide safe and effective sanitizing products, keeping your manufacturing processes evolving in accordance with legal, sanitary and customer requirements, always accepting criticism and suggestions.
Be a reference company, recognized by customers, employees, community, suppliers and investors for the quality of the products and good relationship.
- Respect for the environment;
- Quality;
- Safety;
- Valorization to the human being;
- Honesty.